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Awarded as best gyaenecologist in Hyderabad by TOI in 2023

Dr Shilpa being one of the best Gynaecologist obstetricians in Hyderabad, can help you from the initial stage of assessment till the child birth or even after that, in case the new mother faces certain issues or have some concerns regarding her reproductive health. Dr Shilpa addresses several adolescent issues like menstrual irregularities, managing pelvic pain, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and many other reproductive issues.

We strive to create a physical, emotional and spiritual atmosphere that is inviting, comfortable and safe for all women involved. Comments are closed.

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A quick look within and around the facility

As you step into our hospital, you enter a realm of compassion, healing, and dedication. Beyond the corridors and wards, lies a sanctuary where expertise meets empathy, and where every heartbeat matters.

Within these walls, our skilled healthcare professionals work tirelessly, their commitment unwavering in the face of challenges. Each room bears witness to moments of courage, resilience, and hope, as lives are transformed through the power of care.

Yet, our hospital’s impact extends far beyond its physical boundaries. Surrounding us is a community of support, where collaboration thrives and partnerships flourish. From the bustling streets to the quiet neighborhoods, we stand as a beacon of health and wellness, serving as a pillar of strength for those in need.

Together, within and around our hospital, we embody a commitment to healing, touching lives with compassion and empathy every step of the way. 

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Experience compassionate and comprehensive gynaecological care tailored to your needs.

Our gynaecological services prioritize your health and well-being, offering expert consultations, screenings, and treatments. From routine exams to specialized care, trust our team to provide personalized solutions with empathy and expertise. Your comfort and confidence are our top priorities, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care every step of the way. Visit us today to experience excellence in women’s health services.

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The TESLAChair is a breakthrough treatment for incontinence and confidence.

This unique technology revolutionises sexual health and wellness by providing those suffering from incontinence with a completely non-invasive and effective option for management of symptoms.  The TelsaChair is used to treat various types of urinary incontinence, including:

  1. Leakage (upon sneezing, laughing, or during day-to-day activities)
  2. Urge urinary incontinence
  3. Stress urinary incontinence
  4. Mixed urinary incontinence
  5. Incontinence after radical prostatectomy
  6. Regeneration after childbirth

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Our Clinic offers a wide range of Gynaecological care from contraceptive counselling to general Gynaecology for women at different stages of life, minimally invasive Gynaecological surgery, Urogynaecology and adolescent Gynaecology services. The hospital also offers comprehensive Gynaecological screening programmes that are designed keeping in mind a woman’s complete health.

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What clients are saying about us

Srikanth CherukuriSrikanth Cherukuri
18:53 12 Feb 24
Worest hospital don't go this hospital waste of money
Aanchal BaranwalAanchal Baranwal
09:52 11 Feb 24
Dr. Shilpa is like a god to us. She gave us our World of happiness, our Lil baby girl. After recurrent miscarriages, we were very worried but at the time of my 4th pregnancy she did excellent treatment for me and delivered a healthy baby girl successfully. She very much encourages for normal delivery although I had a c section because we panicked.I can't thank her enough for the special, excellent care she has provided throughout my pregnancy journey and for the unique gift. I am blessed that she is my doc!
Nickk AgrawalNickk Agrawal
08:11 05 Feb 24
Have been visiting her with my wife for Pregnancy. Dr. is very polite and listen to you problems and suggest best medication. She do not prescribe unnecessary tests.I would definitely refer her to my known.
Sndeep AnthotiSndeep Anthoti
06:54 31 Jan 24
lokesh viswalokesh viswa
10:01 11 Jan 24
Our experience with Dr. Shilpa mam is unforgettable. We are blessed with baby boy🥰.We had a very good experience with Shilpa mam. My wife journey started with Shilpa mam in 2022 for pcos problem.she is very professional and caring doctor.from starting to till now same care and love.
harika chagantiharika chaganti
14:04 09 Jan 24
Anusha NannaAnusha Nanna
13:29 28 Dec 23
I want to take a moment to thank you again for your efforts throughout my delivery. We felt that you were the perfect doctor for my delivery. We were scared about my fibroid during my pregnancy, but madam helped us overcome that fear throughout my pregnancy journey🥰.Finally at the time of delivery, she removed my fibroid. Thank you so much Madam❤️🙏
Maniyarasu NatarajanManiyarasu Natarajan
18:31 25 Dec 23
Really a best doctor. Supported very well.Thanks a ton!!!
poornima iytlapoornima iytla
12:50 25 Dec 23
I would say opting shilpa mam was the best decision we have taken. Initially we thought of going to some corporate hospitals but fortunately due to some reason we visited dr shilpa . After the first consultation we decided and never had second thoughts about the doctor. I had few issues during pregnancy but she was guiding and explaining about everything soo patiently. Best thing is she motivated me in the labour room soo much and encouraged me not to opt for epidural. Choosing dr. shilpa - Your baby is in safe hands I would say . Most recommended.
Krishna PriyaKrishna Priya
16:18 14 Nov 23
Highly recommended for the best gynecologist - Dr. Shilpa Mam. I had a very good experience with this doctor. She is a very professional and caring doctor. I have been visiting her since day 1 of my pregnancy. She is extremely friendly, well-behaved, and explains health issues very patiently. Moreover, the doctor prefers and motivates for a normal delivery and suggests exercises.I am truly impressed with the excellent service provided by the doctor and the entire team. Thank you so much!
geeta manoja parsageeta manoja parsa
07:05 04 Nov 23
My experience with Dr. Shilpa is unforgettable. She listens to the problems very patiently.We have always been very happy with her way of dealing with us. The best part is that she gives the best treatment.We are very happy with the Doctor.She was able to guide us well on our every concern which kept us confident through the entire our pregnancy journey. I could still remember her polite and clear instruction during active labor, which helped me sail through the process.The way she handled during my active labour is commendable and we are very fortunate that our baby boy have been born in a natural way through Dr. Shilpa's hand. She is a person of gem. Thank you for all the support and care Dr. Shilpa.
Ashita VijayvergiyaAshita Vijayvergiya
06:03 03 Nov 23
Dr. Shilpa is a true blessing throughout my ongoing pregnancy. Her expertise and compassionate care made me feel safe and supported every step of the way.She is incredibly attentive and patient, addressing all my concerns with care.I highly recommend Dr. Shilpa to any expectant mother. She goes above and beyond to ensure the health and well-being of both the baby and the mother.
Shaik SuhanaShaik Suhana
23:35 26 Oct 23
Now we are proud parents of our little prince and Dr. Shilpa was there throughout the journey for my wife. She is understanding and patiently takes the time to explain everything. She helped to resolve each and every doubt and even personally reached out during some tough decisions. We are truly thankful of Dr. Shilpa for her support and guidance and the staff are very supportiveWith out surgery my wife blessed with baby boy and Shilpa mam was there with my wife through out the day with love and caring.
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